Paperwork sucks, but it's a necessary evil to make sure all of the info needed gets in the right hands.

All of the NACBMA applications in one spot


Submit the details and contact information for your club's upcoming competition. Our revised and streamlined process allows you to update your event after the face and should show up on the calendar within a few seconds.

To qualify as an official event of the North American Competitive Beard and Moustache Alliance, you will need to meet five straight-forward criteria for your facial hair competition.

In the shared folder linked is a universal version of the registration and scoring docs that was used at the NACBMA 2018 Great American Beard & Moustache Championship and other regional competitions since. It’s available free of charge to any club that would like to use it, NACBMA member or not.


Application form for clubs largely younger than 2 years and/or have not held a competition yet.

Application for clubs who have demonstrated responsibility, a charitable nature, and a degree of longevity.

Our annual check-in/check-up to make sure the delegates and the contact info for your club is up to date.