Member Benefits

All of these benefits are available to NACBMA Members at no cost.

Social Media Promotions πŸ“’

Mostly Facebook & Instagram, with a dash of Twitter

  • We celebrate and share your accomplishments with the community.

  • Re-share comp updates, raffle, judge announcements, and any big club news.

  • Include The Alliance - NACBMA as a Facebook event host to increase visibility for re-sharing.

    • Your comp then also shows up on our list of Page events.

  • One more way to reach directly to a broader pool of potential sponsors and competitors.

Official NACBMA Events ⭐

Show potential sponsors and new/traveling competitors that you’ve got your act together and it’s not just a bar contest.

In addition to free copies of our registration and scoring templates, your club can also get your competition certified if it meets some straight-forward criteria.

We don’t dictate to our member clubs how to run their competitions, we just provide them with best practices and guidelines to use if they choose.

Centralized Bearding Calendar πŸ“…

  • One-stop spot for upcoming competition scheduling and trip planning.

  • Recently revised way to submit your event and have it show up on the calendar within seconds, using the info and details you provide.

Google Docs-based Registration & Scoring Templates πŸ“‹

Full setup used at 2018 GABMC available to use for free

  • Templates for judging score sheets.

  • Google Sheets for signing up competitors and auto-calculating scores and places.

  • Fill in your categories.

  • Free and easy to use.

  • One less thing to worry about when planning a comp.

WBMA Membership Tee-up 🌍

Be an active part of an even bigger community

  • NACBMA Full Member criteria is nearly identical to that of being a WBMA Member.

  • There’s no requirement but the option is there. 22 NACBMA Full Member clubs are already WBMA Members.

  • One more indicator to potential sponsors and competitors that you and your comp are worth their time and money.

Annual Membership Fee: $Free.99 πŸ’΅




A strong community benefits us all

  • No membership dues.

  • The NACBMA is here to provide a forum where you can connect and build relationships with other clubs.

  • All we ask is that you participate and support the other clubs, simple as that.