NACBMA Member clubs are divided into two tiers based on simple qualifications of experience and organization level. That way the more established clubs (Full Member) can lead the way and guide new clubs (Associate Member), making sure they a seat at the table.

There are no membership dues or annual membership fee. This isn't Costco. The Alliance is here to provide a forum where you can connect and build relationships with other clubs. Your events, charities, and your club can benefit from our shared experience.

All we ask is that you participate and support the other clubs, simple as that.

Associate Members

Over the years, people joined the Alliance for any number of reasons, and instead of being just another beard page or group to join, we have a purpose, and we want to make sure that everyoneโ€™s on the same page moving forward. Any club who would like to join and supports our goals can join as an Associate Member and help contribute to and shape discussions.

Does your competitive facial hair club pledge to:

  • Support and refine the uniform framework for the North American Championship, including judging, scoring, and categories.

  • Coordinate with other clubs to prevent overlapping events in the same regions, and to help publicize events both before and after.

  • Offer no cash prize awards at competitions and donate any profits to charity.

  • Encourage and assist North American clubs to meet the NACBMA full membership guidelines and join the WBMA if desired.

  • Support and demonstrate the international principles of friendship and honor.

  • Be inclusive of everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, gender association, and sexual orientation. All opportunities and responsibilities should be available to everyone, either immediately or earned over time, including full membership, voting rights, and holding a club office. Competitions are a lot more fun when everyone is involved.

Full Members

In order to become a Full voting member in the Alliance, your club will need to demonstrate responsibility, a charitable nature, and a degree of longevity by meeting some of the same easy criteria to become a WBMA member. It lets the better-organized groups lead the way and help build up other groups along the way.

In addition to the above 6 tenets, your club must also have a(n):

  • Minimum of 8 registered/regular members.

  • Minimum of 2 years as a club (date since your first open or public meeting).

  • Held at least 1 charity competition.

  • Club statement defining the purpose and goals of the club.

  • Established club leadership roles, such as, but not limited to, president, vice president, secretary/treasurer, or other positions of responsibility held by members.

  • Regular meetings a minimum of 4 times per year.

Map of Member Clubs